Manual-Pak Applications

Manual-Pak organizes, stores and protects: operating manuals, sales brochures, permits, contracts, hazmat documents, emergency plans, maintenance checklists and more.


This document storage box provides work-site answers fast. Permits, site maps, schematics, instructions & progress records are exactly where they are needed.


Clear work instructions are essential to a safe workplace. Having important information at points of use, especially at machinery can save lives.


Get your rental equipment & customers back in perfect condition. A document box provides the operating instructions users need for safe and effective use. Larger models have space for PPE or accessories.


When you need information about your equipment in the field, you want answers fast. A manual holder provides those details on the spot.

Health & Safety

Provide high visibility document storage for emergency health & safety information such as: OSHA pathogen procedures, accident reports or hazmat documents with sitemaps for first responders.


Whether it is running the check-out station or operating in-store equipment, a quick reference of the correct procedure helps employees focus on the customer.


Easy access to a document box or canister with trouble-shooting information, safety tips and small tools helps keep the good times keep rolling.


Manual holders affixed to furnaces, air conditioners, major appliances and electrical systems can extend equipment life and may save lives.